Colourful Coffins' Mary Tomes with a rainbow coffin low res

Taking a very personal approach on a difficult topic

Mary Tomes at Colourful Coffins pioneered the concept of personalised and colourful picture coffins and today this independent family-owned business is recognised as a leader in its field. The award-winning business has worked with Straight PR for more than nine years, successfully achieving national, regional and trade coverage in a wide range of publications and on TV and radio.

The ongoing PR campaign includes sensitively-handled interviews with bereaved families, press releases, award entries and comment articles about the UK funeral industry. I also help to raise the profile of the Child Funeral Charity, of which Colourful Coffins was a founder member. The charity provides financial support, advice and guidance for families who have to arrange a funeral for a baby or child aged 16 and under.

Mary Tomes, founder and managing director, says:

“Alison does a wonderful job in understanding the very personal ethos behind our business and carefully walks the fine line between gaining publicity and maintaining the respect our industry deserves. We know that when she talks to our client families, she will do so with care and understanding, and we have every confidence in her ability to promote Colourful Coffins to our different audiences.”