Daisy Vision helps families with a very personal design

Having been a leading pioneer in the introduction of colour to the UK coffin market, Mary Tomes is well-known for breaking new boundaries.

Now chief executive of Colourful Coffins, Mary has overseen the launch of the company’s latest innovation – Daisy Vision.

In what is thought to be a first for the coffin design industry, Daisy Vision allows Colourful Coffins’ designers to screen share their work with client families, enabling them to make real-time changes and finalise designs on the spot.

“This is a huge step forward as it is much easier and more convenient for families to join us online and feedback shows that they also feel much more involved in the design process,” said Mary.

“We’ve always said that for us, designing a coffin isn’t about making a product, it’s about fulfilling a family’s last wishes. It’s a very personal process and enabling a family to look at the designs and make the necessary tweaks in conjunction with a designer – for example, changing a colour shade, making a feature slightly larger or smaller – ensures they feel very much part of what we are doing.

“In addition, because our designers are artists and typographers, they know just how important it is to pay attention to every last detail – which is why our quality is so excellent.”

Daisy Vision takes its name from the company’s distinctive yellow daisy logo and, having been trialled over the last two months, it is now being rolled out to funeral directors.

They will be encouraged to put families in touch with Colourful Coffins in order to take advantage of the new technology. As Mary explains, this avoids the time delay of sending design proofs backwards and forwards and streamlines the whole approval process.

In a further step forward, another new initiative being led by the company’s digital design expert Dan Abrams, is to track unique customer visits to the Colourful Coffins website, allowing the business to stay one step ahead of in vogue trends.

“We know there will always be certain trends and colours which are more popular than others,” said Dan. “By tracking what families are looking at, we can create new design ranges and marketing materials for funeral directors so they can respond quickly to what families are looking for.”

By taking an innovative and constantly evolving approach, the company continues to go from strength to strength and is planning the launch of another new range in the near future.

For more information, please call 01865 779172 or visit www.colourfulcoffins.com